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2017Q4 SPRINT 10 video & music download

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2018Q4 newest releases have updated!if you need
please send email to me!
the website is no longer updated now
but we still supply the serivce!


send email to me tell me which you need 
I send the link to you ,you can download it easily
     I have already uploaded them to mega.nz
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2017Q4 SPRINT 10 video & music download

2017Q4 SPRINT 10 tracklist

01 All Goes Wrong.mp3 
02 All Over The World (I See MONSTAS Remix).mp3 
03 Light.mp3 
04 Savage.mp3 
05 Fire (Killer Hertz Remix).mp3 
06 Lone.mp3 
07 Wave Your Flag.mp3 

2017Q4 SPRINT 10 video screenshot

 2017Q4 SPRINT 10 Choreography Booklet.pdf

· Set up tempo ‘on the beat’ for the first 40
seconds and coach Position.
· Training tempo is on the beat. Chest up, hips
back, abs braced.
· Use the final 20 seconds to Adjust Intensity
through the tempo.
· Run over the top of the tempo.
· Use Layer 2 Adjust Intensity cues to help your
class find maximum intensity.
· Is it closer to Heavy, or a quicker tempo.
· Make them accountable to their effort by
reinforcing the options to shift intensity.
· If you’re being conservative make a choice.
Load or tempo.
· Ensure you are making Quality Connections
with your class – eye contact and a smile go a
long way.
· Reinforce the focus to achieve maximum
intensity by manipulating Load and tempo.
· Use Layer 3 Motivation cues to drive them.
· No one knows you like you know you – can
you challenge yourself to go a little quicker?
Empower and Enjoy! Empower participants
with a clear Set Up & focus for each Interval.
Enjoy the feel of the music and use it to
create contrast in your body language and


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