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2017Q1 SH’BAM 27 tracklist

01 Someone Who Needs Me (Merk & Kremont vs. Sunstars Remix Edit)
02 Bun Up the Dance
03 Jump
04 Wildcard
05 Side to Side
06 Chasing The Sun (Hardwell Edit)
07 Changing
08 Baby Don’t Dance
09 Waiting All Night (Patrick Hagenaar Remix Radio Edit)
10 Oye 2014
11 Wasting Moonlight (Jetfire Remix)_Wasting Moonlight
12B Clarity (Tiâsto Remix)
13 Love Me Like You

2017Q1 SH’BAM 27 video screenshot


2017Q1 SH’BAM 27 Choreography Booklet.pdf

Track 5 is usually a hips track, so aim to keep this where the Track 5 always sits.
The remainder of the class can be up to you but please think about the following:
Do you have a mixture of styles? For example, Latin, Jazz, Street.
Is there a good mix of music? Current versus old-school, male and female vocals etc.
Is there a good flow to the class? For example, you should avoid teaching three big cardio tracks
in a row.
Think about the highs and lows, and the journey the playlist will create. You know your participants best
and I appreciate that some classes will have a preference for one style or genre over others; so just use
common sense when putting your playlist together.
PLEASE NOTE: The 30-minute class format has been customized for this release. In the future when
you mix and match using different releases, please use the standardized express formats found in the
Choreography – Rachael Newsham
Chief Creative Officer – Dr Jackie Mills
Creative Director – Kylie Gates
Program Coach – Sarah Robinson
Program Planner – Ngawhatuhuia ArahangaDoyle
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11
TOTAL TIME 29:35 mins

Introducing your new, improved choreography notes!
Hey instructors!
This round, you’ll notice a new component to your choreography notes – a right-hand side! As SH’BAM
has evolved, so have our resources, and we want to give you as many tools as possible to help you rock
your classes!
SH’BAM is all about the feel – we don’t expect you to be perfect, but if you can bring the feel of each
track alive, your participants will have a great time. The new-look choreography notes will help you to do
this, across Technique, Coaching, Connection and Performance!
The first part is MOVEMENT TIPS. These tips will help you to nail the technique for each track and
bring the feel of the moves to life. It’s important to note that they are NOT cues for you to say to your
participants – we just want them to relax, follow you through the moves and not worry about what they
look like! Rach has chosen the aspects of each movement that she thinks are the most important to
creating the feel and vibe of the track. Don’t forget to check out the LEARN THE MOVES filmed Education
for more detail!
The next part is COACHING THE VIBES. Here you’ll find ideas for how to coach each track, and some cool
quotes from the Masterclass. These are not designed for you to follow to exactly – we want you to coach
your own way! But they’re there if you need some inspiration.
Thirdly, we have the CREATING THE WOW section. It’s here that you’ll find Rach’s tips on the parts of
each track that will make your class magic – performance moments and opportunities to connect with
your members!
Lastly, in some tracks we have included a TIP section – these are written by the presenters, to share their
insights and objectives from when they taught the track at filming.
These notes are a work in progress – this is our first effort at bringing you something to help you teach
your classes even better. We will continue to evolve and develop this going forward, based on trainer and
instructor feedback.
Enjoy this awesome release, and keep bringing your passion into your SH’BAM classes!

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