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2018Q1 RPM 78 tracklist
01 Cloud 9.mp3 
02 Came Here For Love.mp3 
03 Wild Kind.mp3 
04 Feels Like Falling In Love.mp3 
05 Light Us Up (Dossa & Locuzzed Remix).mp3 
06 We Might Fall.mp3 
07 Lighthouse (Extended Mix).mp3 
08 Way Back Home.mp3 
09 Rain.mp3 
2018Q1 RPM 78 videoscreenshot

018Q1 RPM 78 Choreography Booklet.pdf
01. CLOUD 9 4:45 mins
1– Layer 1
Focus on coaching PRP (Position, Resistance and
Pace) with an emphasis on Resistance as we don’t
back off from here.
Base Resistance: A light connection to the
Light gear clockwise, little more grab in the
Ride Easy: Shoulders down, lift your chest,
hips back
Find Racing Resistance, a deeper pressure in
the muscles with room to give
Racing: Slide your hands wide, relax your
upper body, light brace through the belly,
butt back
2– Layer 2
Improve Technique
Check in with your class if they felt the Resistance
in the first block. Encourage them to add more
if needed. Teach your class how they can ride
better: to the beat with control using Layer 2
Round 2, let’s get warmer
This round is short, so let’s bubble up the
Remember: Good Resistance glues your
butt to the seat, so you can ride with control
3– Layer 2
Manipulate Intensity
Start to work your participants harder now. Talk
about how they should be feeling using Intensitytype
This block, we’re going to pick up the heart
rate and get ready for the workout ahead!
Right about now your heart should be
How are you feeling?
4– Layer 3
Lift the energy in your voice; be more upbeat.
Motivate and prepare your class for work in the
next track. Bring everyone with you on this RPM
journey using inclusive language.
Let’s do one more block.
I think the body’s warm. I think it’s buzzing.
The mind is ready! Shall we bring it home?
In RPM we ride the rhythm together, we
sweat together, we have fun together and
we finish together!
This track is the scene-setter for the workout
ahead. Welcome both newcomers and regulars
into the ride with a warm, welcoming manner.
Use a conversational voice, matching the feel of
the track’s cool 

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