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RPM 77 DVD & tracklist download,the newest les mills events download 2017Q4
2017Q4 RPM 77 tracklist
RPM77-01 Hung Up.mp3
RPM77-02 Green Light.mp3
RPM77-03 Sounds Good To Me.mp3
RPM77-04 Keep Me Crazy.mp3
RPM77-05 Hypnotic.mp3
RPM77-06 Fractures.mp3
RPM77-07 All Aboard (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Edit).mp3
RPM77-08 Hard Times.mp3
RPM77-09 Rockin'.mp3
2017Q4 RPM 77 video screenshot

2017Q4 RPM 77 Choreography Booklet.pdf
part for example:
Improve Technique/Manipulate Intensity/Educate
Enhance your cues from Block 1 by using Layer
2 cues to describe the shifts in Resistance.
The goal here is to Improve Technique and to
Manipulate Intensity, to get your class riding
better and harder! In the longer 1/1 phases, let
riders know it’s OK if they start to slow down.
·Let the Resistance slow down your legs
·Reset Climbing Resistance: How does it feel? Is
it heavy and challenges the muscles?
·How challenging? Power Climb – takes the air
out of the lungs
·Racing Resistance: Good tension in the muscles
but plenty of give
·Slide foward and relax! Helps you go faster
·Aero-Racing: Drop your body a little lower
·Find your Pace – sit on your beat. Let’s get 60
seconds of speed in the muscles and lungs
3–LAYER 2&3
Manipulate Intensity/Motivation
A repeat of Block 2, except now your your
technical cues should be minimal. It’s more
about motivating your group to succeed. Use
Layer 3 cues to help your class feel good and
work hard!
·Let’s do that again, now you know the feel –
let’s add a little more gas
·Power Climb: Should be as heavy as it was
·We’re going to roll over the top, sit, reduce to
Racing Resistance and go!
·Notice how your hips want to slide forward
naturally? Dip the toes too
·Looking sharp, gang!
·15 seconds – come on, you can do this
·It’s like opening up a bank account: we’re
depositing some funds – calorie burn!

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