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2017Q2 RPM 75 DVD&MP3 download

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2017Q2 RPM 75 tracklist

01 Anywhere.mp3
02 Hole In My Soul.mp3
03 Side To Side.mp3
04 Her.mp3
05 Wild Horses (Matrix & Futurebound Remix).mp3
06 Indian Summer.mp3
07 All Systems Down (Extended Mix).mp3
08 This Girl.mp3
09 Play That Song.mp3

2017Q2 RPM 75 video screenshot


2017Q2 RPM 75 Choreography Booklet.pdf

Coach the basics using PRP: Position, Resistance
and Pace. This will set your riders up for success
early on with good technique. Ride Easy – hands shoulder-width apart,
elbows in, chest up, hips back
Rhythm shift, medium pace We’re going to take a little gear change, roll out
for 15 seconds onto the beat
Enhance your coaching now using Layer 2 cues for
PRP. Coach your class how they can improve their
technique and start to work a bit harder. Start to feel a little more connection to the
rhythm and the resistance
We are going to find Racing Resistance this time,
firm tension in the legs with a little bit of give
Resistance and leg speed to lift the heart rate.
Time to get warm now!
Racing – butt back in the saddle, relax the
arms, little brace through the belly
Create energy in the room by using lift and
excitement in your voice. Let your class know this
is the final round; they need to be warm and ready
for the shift of intensity in Track 2. Rhythm and resistance – let’s get connected to
the workout!
Feeling some good energy in the legs now

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