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2017Q3 RPM 76 DVD&mp3 download

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2017Q3 RPM 76 tracklist

01 Falling.mp3
02 Broken (Cash Cash Remix).mp3
03 24K Magic.mp3
04 Castle On The Hill.mp3
05 Get Up Stand Up.mp3
06 Say It (Illenium Remix).mp3
07 Higher Love.mp3
08 Digital Love.mp3
09 Like It’s Over.mp3

2017Q3 RPM 76 video screenshot


2017Q3 RPM 76 Choreography Booklet.pdf

Ease into this first block by being inviting with
your voice and coaching clear PRP. Describe
how Base Resistance should feel, what Ride
Easy position is, and get them to ride to the
beat of the music by counting them in.
Ride Easy – hands shoulder-width apart,
relaxed through your upper body, soften
through your elbows
Base Resistance – light connection in your
Smooth 30-second roll out onto the
beat – 1, 2, 1, 2
This is the first time using Racing position
and Racing Resistance. It’s important to set
up the Position and Resistance clearly so you
don’t have to later on. Like Block 1, use simple
Layer 1 cues, describing what Racing position
is and how Racing Resistance should feel.
The next gear we’re going to find is
your Racing Resistance – deeper muscle
connection with a little room to move
Feel that rhythm – 1, 2, 1, 2
Racing position – our hands are wide on
the dips, butt is back n the saddle and
upper body is relaxed
The final block, so use this to reinforce what
Racing Resistance is as you move towards the
Pace track. Use lots of motivation to get your
class excited and energized about the ride
Halfway through our Warmup – 2
accelerations down, 2 to go
Let’s find Racing Resistance again – the next
gear allows you to find that deeper muscle
connection with a little room to move
Let’s make sure we’ve got a good buzz in our
Your heart rate’s up, your body is warm, and
everything feels good! We’re ready!

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