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GRIT25 PLYO DVD & mp3 download  

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2018Q4 newest releases have updated!if you need
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the website is no longer updated now
but we still supply the serivce!


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GRIT25 PLYO DVD & mp3 download
2018Q2 GRIT25 PLYO tracklist
 01 Got That Fire (Oh La Ha).mp3 
02 I Get Money.mp3 
03 Clap Ya Hands Now_Odyssey Pt. 1 (KRANE Remix).mp3 
04 On The Run_The Meaning.mp3 
05 Raw_Better.mp3 
06 Qualia.mp3 
07 Everything.mp3 
08 Ooh Wee.mp3 
09 The People.mp3 
2018Q2 GRIT25 PLYO videoscreenshot
2018Q2 GRIT25 PLYO Choreography Booklet.pdf

04. ON THE RUN / THE MEANING 4:55mins
Turn benches to face forward at the start of this
track, so members can see the demos clearly.
The music in this set is banging! This track is really
tough, so avoid over-coaching and let that big
beat connect people to the movement to drive
them forward.
When tested, this track was the first big heart rate
spike of the workout. The combination of load
and explode will take participants to fast fatigue.
Be ready with motivation and praise to get
everyone through these tough sets.
The load and explode formula is a great way to
drive intensity. We pre-fatigue the muscles in the
load phase, take a short recovery, then maximize
the output of the same muscles in the explosive
phase. The combination of fatigue and rapid
muscular acceleration will drive participants into a
maximum training zone.
Drop Squat with Plate Press O/H
 Feet start together on bench, then jump wide
onto floor as butt drops into Squat and plate
presses over head
 Jump back to center of bench staying low in
the legs, as plate drops back to collarbones
 Use Squat to absorb landing
 Chest up
 Abs braced
 Elbows slightly forward of face in Press
 Knees track out over toes
Layer 2 Coaching Focus: Stay as close to the
bench as possible to overload the legs
Plyo Sumo Bench Jump
 Start with feet either side of bench on floor
 Jump feet onto bench
 Jump high off bench and land in Wide Squat,
feet either side of bench on floor
 Chest up
 Abs braced to Jump
 Use Squat to absorb landing
Layer 2 Coaching Focus: Jump as high as you
can every time to take the legs to maximum

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