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GRIT PLYO 23 DVD & tracklist download

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send email to me tell me which you need 
I send the link to you ,you can download it easily
     I have already uploaded them to mega.nz
     the link is like this: https://goo.gl/W5fPpH   you can have a try
after you download  pay me 10 USD dollars for it by paypal or bitCoin


GRIT PLYO 23 DVD & tracklist download,the newest les mills events download 2017Q4

2017Q4 GRIT PLYO 23 tracklist
01 Ch-Check It Out.mp3
02 Down The Rabbit Hole_Bomba_Felicity.mp3
03 Feel You.mp3
04 Move (GLD Remix)_Burn The Stars_Feel You.mp3
05 Dreams.mp3
06 Adventure_Recover.mp3
07 Erhu Lover.mp3
08 Maps.mp3
09 Feathers.mp3
2017Q4 GRIT PLYO 23 video screenshot






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