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CXWORX 32 DVD & mp3 download

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CXWORX 32 DVD & mp3 download
2018Q3 CXWORX 32 tracklist
01 The Middle.mp3 
02 Limelight (NGHTMRE Remix).mp3 
03 Came Here For Love (Re-Edit).mp3 
04 Impacto.mp3 
05 Honest (Rootkit Remix).mp3 
06 Candy Paint.mp3 
B2 You & Me.mp3 
B5 We Rise.mp3 
2018Q3 CXWORX 32 videoscreenshot
2018Q3 CXWORX 32 Choreography Booklet.pdf

02. LIMELIGHT 6:14mins
When our lower abdominals disengage, our
pelvis falls forward – causing the lower back to
arch. Gluteus maximus can assist in controlling
this as it pulls the pelvis backwards in the same
direction as the lower abdominals. Practising the
integration of these 2 muscle groups – in a Hover
– helps us develop great core stability.
A great Layer 2 focus for the Hover is to coach a
strong glute squeeze for an extra level of stability.
Feel how this contraction assists the lower abs in
controlling the position of the pelvis. In the Leg
Extension sequence, clearly coach when the head
should be up and when it should be down in the
first block. This enables participants to understand
the focus between the upper and the lower
abdominal work.
Coach with a focus on control in the Leg Circles–
starting small and gradually getting bigger as
participants progressively develop strength. The
results are incredible lower abdominal strength
as well as increased hip mobility. The music is
driving, so ‘team teach’ with the music and allow
it to have a voice!
Brace abs and keep back long and straight.
• Brace abs to keep hips level to the floor
• Knees hip-width apart
• Hips to shoulder height
• Brace abs
• Elbows under shoulders
• Back long and straight
• Squeeze butt
• On knees or toes
• Rock shoulders forward towards hands
• Chest towards fists, shoulders stop over
• Come back
• Foot to hip height
• If on knees, stay still
• Pull shoulders away from ears
• Abs are on fire. If you feel like your back is
arching towards the floor, drop to your knees
and hold, reset your core and come up when
you’re ready
• Point toes and squeeze glutes when lifting leg
• Feel the power and stability in your glutes and
 To decrease intensity, drop to knees

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