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2017Q2 Body Vive 43 DVD&MP3 download

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2017Q2 Body Vive 43 tracklist

01 Five More Hours.mp3
02 Glowing (Fedde Le Grand Remix).mp3
03 Let’s Go Crazy.mp3
04 Call My Name (Dillon Francis Remix).mp3
05 I Don’t Care.mp3
06 ILYSM.mp3
07 Domino.mp3
08 Kids.mp3
09 She’s Gone.mp3
B1 Uprising.mp3
B2 Hold On.mp3

2017Q2 Body Vive 43 video screenshot


2017Q2 Body Vive 43 Choreography Booklet.pdf

Welcome everybody to the class. Make sure
that their SMARTBAND is off to the side so that
the floor space is clear. You can set up GREAT
POSTURE before you press play or you can layer
in postural cues throughout the warmup. Use
clear body part and direction cues in your Layer
1 coaching to get your class moving together on
the first set of moves. On the second set, add
some Layer 2 cues to enhance the move and then
layer some cues about what your participants can
expect from the class.
This Warmup is an introduction to some of the
moves that reappear in the cardio tracks, so coach
basic body part and direction with postural cues
so that when the class does them again they
have a basic understanding of the move, then let
them know where they will see the move again.
Remember that for some people, this is their
first experience of moving to music, so say one
thing, leave time for them to hear and see it and
time for them to do it. This will take at least 2 to
3 more reps after the cue, so don’t be afraid to

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