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2018Q1 Body pump105 tracklist
01 All Stars.mp3 
02 Do Or Die.mp3 
03 The Man.mp3 
04 Stay For It.mp3 
05 What About Us.mp3 
06 Champion.mp3 
07 How Do You Feel Right Now.mp3 
08 Lean Back (NGHTMRE Remix).mp3 
09 Sweat.mp3 
10 Break My Habits.mp3 
11 BP45 01 Momentum_Heaven.mp3 
12 BP45 02 Step By Step.mp3 
2018Q1 Body pump105 videoscreenshot
018Q1 Body pump105 Choreography Booklet.pdf
01. ALL STARS 5:21 mins
Layer 1
Before you begin, coach your class to find SET
Position to establish a strong lifting position.
Heels under hips, turn the toes out slightly
Soften the knees
Hands thumb-distance from thighs
Chest lifted
Shoulders up, back and down towards the spine
Gently draw in and brace the core
Layer 1
For each exercise, coach NETT – NAME OF
This makes your coaching clear and easy to follow.
Deadlift 2/2 – Hinge forward from the hips,
slide the bar to the top of the kneecaps
Single Deadrow – Knees, belly, knees and lift
Triple Deadrow – Squeeze shoulder blades
Layer 1
Set 2 starts with Upright Rows, then introduces the
slow Clean & Press with barbell. We transition to a
Plate Squat Press with tempo where participants learn
the technique for the Back track. We finish this set
with Front Squats and Backward Stepping Lunges
with Overhead Plate Presses to warm up fast. Focus
on coaching clear Layer 1 Position and Execution
cues with these more complex movement patterns to
help the class achieve good lifting Technique
Upright Row – Bar stops at lower chest,
elbows wide
Clean & Press – Pull and catch, bend knees,
brace abs, chest up, bar close to body
Plate Squat Press – Mid Stance, pull the plate
up, drop under, chest up, abs braced, hips
back and down, 90 degrees
Mid-Stance Plate Front Squat – Feet outside
hip-width, hips go back and down, knees track
forward, hips to 90 degrees
Backward-Stepping Lunge with Overhead
Press – Long step back, rear knee down, front
thigh parallel to the floor, shoulders and hips
square to front, elbows forward of face
Layer 2
Set 3 is a repeat of Set 1; we go back to the barbell,
helping participants make the connection with
technique and music. We do this by using Layer 2
cues to help improve participants Execution of the
movement patterns, bring Intensity to their workout
and excite them for what’s ahead.
Deadlift – Keep the bar close by pulling the bar
into the thighs to activate the back
Deadrow – Sit deeper into your legs and keep
upper body still; this will start to isolate the
upper and mid back
Triple Row – Looking strong out there; stabilize
to isolate
Layer 2 / Layer 3
The final set of work is a repeat of the 2nd set so
coach Layer 2 cues that focus on Execution and
Intensity. Layer 3 is all about driving your class
to goals and outcomes – so what can you say to
motivate them for the workout ahead?
Upright Row – Keep the bar close to the body
to feel the efficiency
Clean & Press – Feel the bar close to the body,
hips sit back
Plate Clean & Press – Accelerate the Warmup,
big Squat
Plate Front Squat – Keep the chest up
Backward-Stepping Lunge with Overhead
Plate Press – Integration of the lower body and
upper body
Welcome your class to the workout by being
engaging and showing your love of resistance
training. Try to connect with everyone in the room,
not just your regular participants in the front row. 

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