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2018Q4 newest releases have updated!if you need
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the website is no longer updated now
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2017Q1 Body pump 101 tracklist

01 Run Wild
02 Go! (Vincent Price Remix)
03 Spoken Word
05 Friday
06 Jungle Youth
07 Ocho Cinco
08 Feel Your Love
09 Closer
10 Love On The Brain

2017Q1 Body pump 101 video screenshot


2017Q1 Body pump 101 Choreography Booklet.pdf

Track 1 Warmup
Track 2 Squats
Track 3 Chest
Track 4 Back
Track 7 Lunges
Track 8 Shoulders
Track 9 Core
Track 10 Cooldown
Total Time 42:06
Track 1 Warmup
Track 2 Squats
Track 3 Chest
Track 4 Back
Track 9 Core
Total Time 27:00

Alt alternating V verse 3/1 6 counts down,
B up build up 1/1 2 counts down, 2 counts up
Br bridge (non-chorus) 2 counts up 4/4 8 counts down,
C chorus 1/1/1/1 2 counts F or B, 8 counts up
cts musical counts 2 counts down, 1/2/1 2 counts down,
F or B forward or back 2 counts up, 4 counts hold,
Instr instrumental 2 counts F or B 2 counts up
Intro introduction 1/1/2 2 counts down, 8/8 16 counts down
L left 2 counts hold, 16 counts up
O/H over head 4 counts up Increase weight selection
Outro last few bars of music 1/3 2 counts down, Normal weight selection
PC pre-chorus 6 counts up Decrease weight selection
QC quiet chorus 2/2 4 counts down,
R right 4 counts up
Ref refrain (recurring phrase 2/2/2/2 4 counts F or B,
or number of song lines) 4 counts down,
Rep reprise (part of the 4 counts up,
chorus repeated) 4 counts F or B
ROM range of motion
The Fine Print
Please note: The 30 and 45-minute
class formats have been customized for
this release. In the future when you mix and
match using different releases, please use the
standardized express formats found in the
Instructor Education section

Lifting weights improves muscle tone, bone health
and burns calories… but to get the most out of
your workout – and to minimize your chances of
injury – good neck alignment is essential. Let’s
look at some common causes of neck tension
and some simple ways to improve neck alignment
when you’re teaching BODYPUMP.
How do we look after our neck when we
The important thing here is to maintain Neutral
Neck Alignment, where you have a slight inward
curve (in your neck) and your ears are directly
above your shoulders. This will ensure your
vertebrae are in the best position to take the load
when you’re lifting.
When deadlifting, we often see people with a
Forward Head Posture. This can lead to pain
because the vertebrae aren’t in a position to take
the compressive forces created by the weight. To
remedy this, lift your chest and tuck your chin and
maintain this position throughout the lift.
One more issue you may encounter in BODYPUMP
is Neck Flexion – where participants simply drop
their head and look directly down at the floor.

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