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2017Q3 Body Pump103 tracklist

01 Places.mp3
02 Here Comes The Sun (Tom Staar Radio Edit).mp3
03 Believer.mp3
04 I Need You (Extended Club Mix).mp3
05 Come Get It Bae.mp3
06 Let Me Love You (R3hab Remix).mp3
07 ILYSM.mp3
08 Paris (LOUDPVCK Remix).mp3
09 I Love You.mp3
10 1 Night.mp3
Heaven (Club Mix).mp3
Ritual Fracture.mp3
BONUS 02 I Still Recall.mp3

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2017Q3 Body Pump103 Choreography Booklet.pdf


Coach Position and Execution setup to get
the class moving well. Set the Wide Stance
position up from Mid-stance so participants
find the perfect Wide squat – with the heeltoe
wider. Use NETT to coach good Squat
technique – referring to Timing, Target zones
and leg alignment. Be clear on the bottomhalf
timing so participants are moving on the
correct tempo to achieve muscular tension.
In Layer 2, focus on improving execution by
maintaining a strong core brace. This allows
us to complete the full range of movement
without compromising spinal integrity.
Feet outside hips, Heel-toe wider, toes
slightly turned out
Abs braced
Lift the chest and keep it there
Bring your elbows forward under the bar and
create strength through the upper back
Hips sit back and down
Knees track out to get the glutes into
the workout
Butt stops just above knee line, that’s
your range
Drop and stop
It’s building now
Bottom half for 2
Down halfway, down and up
Stay down for 4
Keep pushing your knees out to fire the
Singles, down and up
Focus on keeping the chest up
Now feel your core brace and wrap around
your strong back so you can access your true
depth without compromising spinal integrity
Challenge: 16 pulses
Stay in the bottom range of the Squat
Forcing every muscle fiber to engage
– We are halfway. Reset new stance – heel-toe
wider. Quickly coach Layer 1 Execution cues
for the Wider Stance with the focus on Timing
and Range. The Wider Stance allows us to sit
deeper into the hips, recruiting more muscle
fibers whilst maintaining strong upper body
position and posture. Use Layer 2 cues to
explain to the participants how they can feel
the exercise more, or how they can improve
technique to engage the side glutes. Intensity
will hit hard in the Bottom Halfs, building
pressure that releases in the Single Squats;
so use clear Timing cues and focus on full
range to make sure no one checks out of
the workout. The challenge is to stay in the
bottom range of the Squat with 16 Pulses at
the end of the block. What Layer 3 cues will
you use to take your class with you?
One heel – toe wider – Wider Stance
Super slow
Hips sit back, knees out
In this stance we have more muscles to play
with to find true depth
Butt just above knee line, no lower
Chest up, lock shoulder blades into spine
Focus is on the side glutes
Press the outside edge of the feet into
the floor
You should feel it engage into the
side glutes
Let’s test it out, let’s find the tension
Drop and hold
Building again
Get down and stay down
Down halfway, down and rise
Are your legs on fire?
Nostay down for 4
We have to release this pressure
16x Singles
Down and up
You’ve got this
Find your true depth
20 more seconds
The team is with you – will you come with

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