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2017Q1 Body jam 80 DVD&mp3 download

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2018Q4 newest releases have updated!if you need
please send email to me!
the website is no longer updated now
but we still supply the serivce!


send email to me tell me which you need 
I send the link to you ,you can download it easily
     I have already uploaded them to mega.nz
     the link is like this: https://bit.ly/2P8MI1I   you can have a try
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2017Q1 Body jam 80 tracklist

01 Pigalie
03 Bunx Up
04 Crank It (Woah!)
05 Only Girl in the World (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Extended Mix)
06 Animals (Original Mix)
07 Go (Hardwell Remix)
08 Dominator
09 Let Me Love You
10 Incredible (Denis the Menace & Jerry Ropero’s Full Vocal Mix)
11 I Will Be Here (Tiasto Remix)
12a Afroki
12b Afroki
13 Leave The World Behind (Original Mix)
14 Feel It
15 We’re All No One (Hook N Sling Remix)
16 How We Party
17 Greyhound

2017Q1 Body jam 80 video screenshot


2017Q1 Body jam 80 Choreography Booklet.pdf

NOTE: There is no Groovedown in most express
format options. Please advise participants to keep
moving around after the class until their breathing
and heart rate return to normal and to do their own
stretches to assist their recovery.
The 30 and 45-minute class formats have been
customized for this release. In the future, if you
mix and match using different releases, please use
the standardized express formats in the Instructor
Education section
Tracks 1–2 Warmup
Track 3 Isolations
Track 4 Afro House
Tracks 5–8 So Hard So Player
Track 14 Groovedown
Tracks 1–2 Warmup
Tracks 10–13 Continual Momentum
Tracks 1–2 Warmup
Tracks 5–8 So Hard So Player
Tracks 10–13 Continual Momentum

Sup everybody – this is 20 years of BODYJAM…
This release brings with it a whole lot of new styles,
feels and movements… and that’s just in Track 3
Warmup and Pigalle…a modern bass banger with a 4/4 drop, setting the sophistication level to high.
There’s lots of contrast in the music here, before we go
full Dancehall Isolations into the underground heater,
Bunx Up. There’s about 10 different combos here with
distinctly separate feels, so tone your technique down
and get the bounce in your butt.
Next we Afro to the Deep House that is Crank It!
– sliced and diced vocals and an infectious jungle
bounce; before the first block, SO HARD SO PLAYER, brings a new kind of choreography that is fast,
controlled and executed with a kind of hard simplicity.
Hitting the lines clean will create success for your
class. The final track, Dominator, is truly wild. You ain’t never heard a sound like this before, hardcore is back
Recovery and Let Me Love You comes complete with smooth vocals, tropical house and a pop drop so
dreamy, B*Witched would be jeally (Popical House??).
CONTINUAL MOMENTUM… this routine is all about
fluidity, taking the energy from one movement and
channeling that flow into the next. There’s a lot of great
cues you can nail to help your class understand each
combo. From Incredible (yes, that Incredible) to the up bounce of the Triple Knee (WHEN THE BIG WORLD FALLS APART!!). Then… (you asked for it so here it is
again…) Afroki, one of the greatest moments in fitness, flows organically into Leave The World Behind.
You’re welcome world.

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