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2017Q2 Body Jam 81 DVD&MP3 download

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2018Q4 newest releases have updated!if you need
please send email to me!
the website is no longer updated now
but we still supply the serivce!


send email to me tell me which you need 
I send the link to you ,you can download it easily
     I have already uploaded them to mega.nz
     the link is like this: https://bit.ly/2P8MI1I   you can have a try
after you download  pay me 10 USD dollars for it by paypal or bitCoin

2017Q2 Body Jam 81 tracklist

01 Shut It Down.mp3
02 La Musica.mp3
03 My Number.mp3
04 Contract.mp3
05 Drop It Down Low.mp3
06 One Dance.mp3
07 Drop It Down Low (Barely Alive Remix).mp3
08 Sleaze.mp3
09 No Lie.mp3
10 Love On Me (Ookay Remix).mp3
11 Dominator (Tom Staar Remix).mp3
12a Voodoo (Original Mix).mp3
12b Voodoo (Original Mix).mp3
13 Hype (Flosstradamus Remix).mp3
14 You (Tom Staar Remix).mp3
15 Phone Down.mp3
16 Vamonos.mp3
17 Crowd Control.mp3
18 Sahara.mp3
19 More Than Ever.mp3

2017Q2 Body Jam 81 video screenshot


2017Q2 Body Jam 81 Choreography Booklet.pdf

Get some serious bounce in your legs and upper
body chest pops in FLEX THE PALM. In the
SHOULDER ROLL, drop into the legs using the
beat to create the down bounce and remember
to step left into the Toe-Heel. You wanna keep it
super small and finish wide!
FLEX THE PALM ? Feet wide, outside shoulder-width, knees soft,
slight bounce through the legs
? Palm flexed, hand sweeps across the body,
above shoulder to hip height
?Grab the fist, low, arm down to full extension,
tight fist outside hip
? Double punch forward, at full extension, tight fist,
bend the knees, slight bounce through the legs
? Top arm above shoulder height, fist rotates in,
bottom arm at hip height
? Elbows wide, hands roll back at chest height ? Chest Pop, arms at full extension, long and
strong at shoulder height, tight fists, palms down
? Double time ? Increase bounce range ?Add SWIM BACK ? Increase range ?Bounce through the chest

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