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2017Q3 Body Combat 73 DVD&mp3 download

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2018Q4 newest releases have updated!if you need
please send email to me!
the website is no longer updated now
but we still supply the serivce!


send email to me tell me which you need 
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2017Q3 Body Combat 73 tracklist

01 What Is Love 2016 (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)_Setting Fires (Blasterjaxx Remix)_Shut It Down.mp3
02 Mayday.mp3
03 Wild Horses (Matrix & Futurebound Remix).mp3
04 Mama Do The Hump.mp3
05 Eternal.mp3
06 Fracture.mp3
07 New Era.mp3
08 Endorphins (Sub Focus vs Fred V & Grafix Remix).mp3
09 Savage.mp3
10 Human.mp3
B5 Gud Vibrations.mp3

2017Q3 Body Combat 73 video screenshot


2017Q3 Body Combat 73 Choreography Booklet.pdf

Walking Jab
· Turn and face the right: 2 walking Jabs to the
right, 1, 2.
· Take the arm out in the front of the face
· Target Zones: Nose, Lip, and Chin
· Corkscrewing the thumb down; elbow to the
· Triple: 3, 2, 1
· Boxing Guard up, chin tucked in and light on
the feet
· Combat Stance: Feet shoulder-width apart.
Front foot facing target and rear foot at
· Jab, Cross, right, left
· Target Zones: Nose, Lip and Chin
· Right, left
· Rolling the shoulders forward
· Aiming for a 90-degree angle up and under
the chin
Jab/Cross/Uppercut Combination
· 4 Jab/Cross, 4 Uppercuts
· 45-degree-angle punch
· Starts from the floor up; drive from the legs
and hips
· Rotate your shoulders, come on the inside
and drive straight up
· Strike Surface: First two knuckles, palm facing
· Target Zone: Under the chin
Double Hook/Scissor Combination
· 2 Hooks, 4 Scissors
· Hook: Descending Punch, coming around and
across from the base
· Elbow at 90 degrees
· Lift elbow higher than the fist
· Rotate your hip and release your heel of the
striking side
· Strike Surface: First two knuckles, palm down
· Target Zone: Jaw or Temple
· Knees soft in the Scissors to warm up through
the lower body

Coach Position and Execution setup to get

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