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Bodycombat 74 DVD & tracklist download

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Bodycombat 74 DVD & tracklist download,the newest les mills events download 2017Q4
2017Q4 Bodycombat 74 tracklist
01 Rich Boy (Quintino Remix)_Rebound To The Beat_Wild Flowers.mp3
02 Going Crazy.mp3
03 Skin (Wilkinson Remix).mp3
04 Great Spirit.mp3
05 Bomberdrop.mp3
06 Kiwi.mp3
07 This Time.mp3
08 Happy Alone.mp3
09 Lingua.mp3
10 Whatever It Takes.mp3
B5 She's Out Of Her Mind.mp3
B7 Hypnotic.mp3
2017Q4 Bodycombat 74 video screenshot
2017Q4 Bodycombat 74 Choreography Booklet.pdf
part for example:
Go for depth in the Squat Pulse and the Lunge
and a wide step on the Side Lunge to maximize
engagement of the lower body muscles and
core. When you do, your body will be more than
ready for the challenging kicks to come!
Alternating Dynamic Adductor Stretch
Step wide and hands to your right thigh
Shift your weight side to side
Mobilizing through the hips
Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch
Turn to the right 90 degrees
Lift your back heel and square your hips and
shoulders to the side
Full range: drop your back knee down and
Squeeze your butt
Squat Pulse
Send the hips back and down and pulse
Knees out
Chest up
Abs switched on
Double Front Knee/Hip Circle Combination
Double Right Knee, Hip Circle, Step Switch
2 Knees, Circle, Step, switch sides
Hips square to the front on the 2 front knees
and then open your hip out to the side on the
Hip Circle
Then, pull the arms down: hands together
and pull the arms to the outside hip to
engage the obliques
Side Lunge/Backward-Stepping Lunge
Right leg steps out to the side, then left leg
steps back into a Lunge
Right leg Side Lunge, left leg long step back
Hips square to the front, chest up
Inside leg is straight in the Right Side Lunge
Then switch to the left: Left Side Lunge, right
leg steps back
Side Lunge/Backward-Stepping Lunge
Step wider and push off from the outside
of the foot to engage your glutes and inner
Squat Pulse
Squeeze your butt tighter to work it more
Sit deeper in the Squat to load the quads
Double Front Knee/Hip Circle Combination
Reach arms highe

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