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Body balance 81 DVD & mp3 download

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Body balance 81 DVD & mp3 download
2018Q2 Body balance 81 tracklist
01 Here With You.mp3 
02 Smoke Too Much.mp3 
03a Squeeze Me.mp3 
03b Dream.mp3 
04 Shadows In The Dark.mp3 
05 Don't Give It Up.mp3 
06 Tuviana.mp3 
08 Baby, You Make Me Crazy.mp3 
09 Wings.mp3 
10a Nocturne.mp3 
10b La Journee.mp3 
11 BNS 01 What Lovers Do.mp3 
12 BNS 03 Santa's Coming For Us.mp3 
7a Colors.mp3 
7b Heartstruck (Wild Hunger).mp3 
2018Q2 Body balance 81 videoscreenshot
2018Q2 Body balance 81 Choreography Booklet.pdf

03B. DREAM 4:10mins
This second Standing Strength track is all about
music and feel. The transitions in the poses are
beautifully choreographed to the music and give
you space for silence in your coaching. Discover
the feeling of this song and use your voice to
complement and match the musical feel.
René’s focus for the first round was to be specific
and clear with his Layer 1 cues, saying the pose
name first, and using simple Alignment cues
to get participants into the correct position.
Remember: to get them into the shape of the
pose, we only need 3 to 5 cues; less is more!
Be sure to coach the adjustment of the back foot
before turning into Warrior 1 so everyone has
that foundation from the floor up from which to
move. Continue using precise coaching for all the
upper body movements in your Warrior 1 and
Lunge Sequence, as participants are facing the
side. René’s idea of an endless circle of breathing
is a great way to create a seamless flow from pose
to pose. He wanted to encourage participants to
explore the poses and feel, rather than looking
towards to the stage. This is only possible when
we are confident and clear in our coaching and
say only what we need to.
The Floating Half Moon Pose at the end of this
track requires us to go back to simple Layer 1
coaching as participants are not looking directly
at us. Tell your class to pivot to the front, hand to
thigh, Weight Shift forward and lift the back foot
to Floating Half Moon Pose. What will you say to
help them enjoy the last set? 

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