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2017Q2 Body Balance 77 DVD&MP3 download

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2017Q2 Body Balance 77 tracklist

01 What Do You Love.mp3
02a 1000X (Noah Breakfast Remix).mp3
02b Breathe (Hanami Remix).mp3
03 Roam.mp3
04 Youth.mp3
05a Starving.mp3
05b Heartlines.mp3
06 All We Know.mp3
07a No Lie.mp3
07b Love Me Now.mp3
08 All Time Low.mp3
09 1000X.mp3
10 And She Translated Into The Sky_Empty Calls Quiet.mp3

2017Q2 Body Balance 77 video screenshot


2017Q2 Body Balance 77 Choreography Booklet.pdf

other side
LAYER 3 Follow-up: Breathe in, breathe out. Eyes
to hands when you’re ready. Come deep into your
heart space, be internal.
The song is uplifting and makes your heart sing,
right from the start of class – a perfect Warm
up song!
These Tai Chi sequences offer the opportunity
for participants to build a strong internal
connection as you guide them to look at their
hands and come into their breathing. Big,
global movements through the hips, shoulders
and spine warm the class quickly.
We know our Layer 3 cues help members
to evolve, extend and enhance the feel and
experience of the movements. Jackie used her
Layer 3 cues to make the class aware of the
simplicity of breathing and moving and coached
them to extend the range of movement, to
make it uniquely theirs. The objective is to focus
on how it feels, not what it looks like.
Remember to base your coaching cues from
the 4 types of movements in Tai Chi – Warming,
Breathing, Focusing and Releasing – to
teach from the essence of the track. Practise
maintaining your Wide Wu Chi position as you
transition from one move to the next – back
long with tail bone drawn down. It should feel
like your back is against a wall, upright and

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