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2017Q3 Body Balance 78 DVD&mp3 download

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2017Q3 Body Balance 78 tracklist

01 Say A Prayer For Me (Mazde Remix).mp3
02a Lovesick.mp3
02b Slow Down The Flow.mp3
03 Lions.mp3
04 Not Easy.mp3
05 I Feel It Coming.mp3
06a Talk.mp3
06b Falling.mp3
07 Love Is Mystical.mp3
08 Worth The Fight.mp3
09 Love.mp3
10 Sacred Mountain_Counting The Sand Of The Sea.mp3
11 B Redbone.mp3

2017Q3 Body Balance 78 video screenshot


2017Q3 Body Balance 78 Choreography Booklet.pdf


0:00 / Intro
4×8 Mountain Pose, facing L side 8cts
Pregnancy Option: Feet hip-width apart
Inhale – Extended Mountain Pose, arms wide
to O/H 8cts
Exhale – Forward Fold 16cts
0:19 / V1 / _ Please call
12×8 / A / 3x Inhale – Flat Back Extend, hands
on shins 8cts
Exhale – Forward Fold 8cts
Inhale – Baby Back Bend
òOption: Extended Mountain Pose, arms
wide to O/H 8cts
Exhale – Forward Fold, arms down mid-line of
body, palms together 8cts
1:18 / V2 / Please call
12×8 / A1
/ 3x Inhale – Walk hands F to Plank
Pose 8cts
Exhale – Crocodile Pose 4cts
Pregnancy Option: Cat Pose
Exhale – Baby Cobra 4cts
Pregnancy Option: Cow Pose
Inhale – Down Dog 8cts
Exhale – Walk back, Down Dog 8cts
Last rep, hold Down Dog 16cts
2:17 / C / Lovesick
16×8 / A2 / 2x Exhale – Wide Lunge L, L leg F
outside L hand 8cts
Inhale – Kneeling Lunge L , arms F to O/H 8cts
Exhale/Inhale – Down Dog 16cts
Repeat to R 32cts
Reps continue into next track

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