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Body attack 101 DVD & mp3 download

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2018Q4 newest releases have updated!if you need
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Body attack 101 DVD & mp3 download
2018Q2 Body attack 101 tracklist
01 Unite (Radio Edit).mp3 
02 Havana (HappyTech Remix).mp3 
03 Ready For It.mp3 
04 Rocksteady (Original Mix).mp3 
05 Push (SCNDL Remix).mp3 
06 Till The Day Comes (Original Mix).mp3 
07 Think.mp3 
08 Show Me (W&B HandsUp Remix Edit).mp3 
09 The Universe.mp3 
10 Hold Me Tight Or Don't.mp3 
11 Start Over.mp3 
EXP 05 Push (SCNDL Remix).mp3 
2018Q2 Body attack 101 videoscreenshot
2018Q2 Body attack 101 Choreography Booklet.pdf

02. HAVANA 4:46mins
Lift the energy at the start of the track as we
move into the first phase of the workout. Coach
the basics of Layer 1 with clear direction and
execution cues. Clearly coach the rhythm and
direction of the F&B Mambo using short cues
to get everyone moving together, and cue the
pattern of the footwork. Bring lots of energy to
the Run F&B Combo and play with the Latin feel
of the Mambo!
Run F&B – right, left, light on the toes, lift the
chest; you can dial it down to a March
BODYATTACK is a Mixed Impact program with
mixed intensities
Triple Pulse Squat – 3, 2, 1: jump in, jump out.
Knees out, chest up, hips above knee level.
If you need to take the Jump away, step out to
the side
Step Curl – step lift, step lift, left side, right
side. Knees out, chest up
Gallop – gallop left, gallop right. Lift the heel
to change direction. Chest up, abs braced,
stay square to the front. Option to lose the
impact and the arm-lines
Run OTS – brace abs to keep your chest up
and hips still
F&B Mambo – forward, back. Left foot
forward, on the toes
Choose Layer 2 cues that will increase intensity
in the Step Curl and Gallop to prepare the legs
for the rest of the workout. The F&B Mambo is all
about fast reaction: coach your class to take a fast
step forward, then shift the weight back as quickly
as possible. This will help develop reactive skills
in our participants. Bring the fun to this move and
try using different analogies that will get people
pushing back faster in the Mambo.
We know the moves, now let’s do them better
In Havana they work hard but they also have
fun, just like BODYATTACK fans!
Triple Pulse Squat – sit back, stay low
Step Curl – left, right. Stay down in the legs,
switch your muscles on to work harder
Gallop – down and up, step wide, bend your
knees, use your quads and glutes
F&B Mambo – left side. Transfer the weight
onto the front foot then push back
Run F&B – kick your heels higher and run
further forward to lift the heart rate more
Show me your Havana finish!

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