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2017Q3 Body Attack 98 DVD&mp3 download

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2018Q4 newest releases have updated!if you need
please send email to me!
the website is no longer updated now
but we still supply the serivce!


send email to me tell me which you need 
I send the link to you ,you can download it easily
     I have already uploaded them to mega.nz
     the link is like this: https://bit.ly/2P8MI1I   you can have a try
after you download  pay me 10 USD dollars for it by paypal or bitCoin


2017Q3 Body Attack 98 tracklist

01 Turn Up The Night (Bodybangers Remix Edit).mp3
02 Freaks.mp3
03 The Greatest.mp3
04 Live The Night.mp3
05 Jump & Sweat.mp3
06 Million Voices (Basslouder Remix Edit).mp3
07 PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) (Technoposse Remix).mp3
08 Salvation (Hands Up Freaks Remix Edit).mp3
09 Human.mp3
10 Just Hold On.mp3
11 Nothing To Lose (Gaillard Remix).mp3
12 EXP 05 Jump & Sweat.mp3

2017Q3 Body Attack 98 video screenshot


2017Q3 Body Attack 98 Choreography Booklet.pdf


Use Block 1 to set great posture, coach the
basics, provide options and to give your
compulsory cues.
· Step Touch – chest up, abs braced, step side
to side
· Bounce – hips and shoulders square, knees
soft, feet wide
· Run – light on the toes, lift the chest, option
to march
· Squat – knees out, chest up
· Tricep Pushup/Release Back – 1 Tricep
Pushup, 1 Release. Forward and back. Hands
under shoulders, elbows close to ribs, chest to
elbow-height. Option to drop the elbows back
and come forward into Plank position
· Alternating Hand Lift – abs braced, back long
and straight, small lift of the hands, keeping
the arms straight
In Block 2 we use Layer 2 cues that increase
intensity to warm the body further. In Layer 3,
Share Energy, we use Positive Motivators, which
are all about making people feel good! Using
lots of positive language here will create a
great vibe in the room and set the scene for the
workout ahead.
· Step Touch – drop down and up
· Squat – butt to knee-height to warm the legs
· Tricep Pushup/Release Back – 1 Pushup, 1
stretch back. Push the floor away to warm the
· Alternating Hand Lift – keep your abs braced
· Are you ready to party?
· Good start everybody! Let’s do this!

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