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What is Zumba Gold®?

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Zumba® is a latin-inspired dance workout that is easy to follow. It really makes exercise fun and the time flies! Zumba® Gold is even better! This program is designed for anyone needing low-impact exercise due to age, size, or other health issues. Perfect for seniors, beginners, and pregnancy. Movements are designed to increase flexibility, coordination, balance, range of motion and strength. The list of benefits is very long (check the right side bar of this page), but mostly, you'll just have a great time and look forward to the next class. Even if standing for a period of time is difficult, you can follow our movements from a seated position and still get a great workout!
Here is some video from one of our classes:
Livestrong.com has a great description of Zumba Gold. Check it out here.
Here's what people are saying about their experience with Zumba® Gold:
• It's boosts me both physically and psychologically...just starts my day off "happy"
• you almost forget you're exercising, and the time goes by so fast
• I've been surprised at how much it has helped my shoulders to work better!
• "Exercise" doesn't usually happen unless it is something fun so zumba is the perfect solution for me! I get to dance and feel good about moving more and getting my heart rate up. 
• Shelly is a FANTASTIC teacher, very motivating
• It's exercise I can actually brag about doing...and look forward to instead of dreading
• I can work at my own pace depending on how I feel.
• It makes it very comfortable and easy to have fun without worrying about getting things "just right."
• I like exercising to the music and especially appreciate Shelly's enthusiasm and great direction.
• I love that there are different age and ability levels in the class.
• Shelly is a great teacher that makes Zumba Gold® fun for all ages and ability levels!
• There are great people at the class and Shelly is a GOOD teacher!
• It's different, and I think it's easier to maintain an exercise program when you add the variety factor.
• I'm not very good at exercising on my own, and it's great to be with other people working out.
• It's fun to pretend I can 'dance.'
WHAT TO WEAR: comfortable clothes for movement: t-shirt, loose-fitting pants or shorts, and athletic shoes. Please bring a water bottle.
Here's an NBC segment featuring some amazing Zumba Gold Instructors from Florida. Check it out

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