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Why You Should Attend a Zumba Class
Emma Celeste Scott
English Persuasive Writing
Pearblossom Private School, Inc.
Party yourself into shape! Zumba is the perfect way to stay healthy and happy.  It is great for people of all ages!  Zumba fitness class is the perfect place to make new friends and have fun!  In this essay, you will learn about the different dance styles used in a Zumba class and what kind of music they play.  Also, I will tell you about the different classes made available.  You will also learn about the origins of Zumba, what classes are like, some of the many benefits to your health Zumba can have, and much more!
Why You Should Attend a Zumba Class
            Hello my name is Emma Scott, and I am a Zumba enthusiast!  I believe that Zumba is a great way to exercise while still having fun and that everyone should go to a Zumba class at least once to try it!         Let me tell you a little about Zumba’s background. Zumba was created by accident when in 1986 Colombian-born aerobics teacher Alberto “Beto” Perez  accidentally forgot his usual music tape at home. He decided to use a mix tape he personally liked to dance to that was full of salsa and meringue music.  It was a hit!  “Everybody loved it!”  says Perez.  Zumba’s success grew steadily after Perez moved to Miami. In 2002 Perez, Perelman, and young entrepreneur Alberto Aghion began selling Zumba Instruction DVDs’ and were very successful.  In 2005, they started a program to teach those interested in teaching their own Zumba classes. 
            Today it is estimated that over 14 million people around the world attend Zumba classes weekly, and many train to become Zumba instructors.  Perez has a theory on why his invention is such a success “When I dance, it makes me happy” he says.  “When you smile something positive happens in your body” many think he may be on to something  “not taking yourself too seriously is incredibly important for our mental well-being.  Learning to dance focuses the attention away from any worries, but you also have to forgive yourself for making mistakes, and laugh at yourself!”  says professor Mark Williams, a clinical physiologist at the university of Oxfords Department of Psychiatry, “people have real problems, but research has shown that brooding about them too much brings about a cycle of stress and depression that can skew our perception and make the things that bother us seem even more difficult to deal with.”  (“Is there anything Zumba can’t tackle?” - Barney Calman) 
            Zumba helps to keep your body healthy and your immune system strong, which helps keep you from getting sick.  Also, some in the medical world have been saying for years that Zumba has amazing health benefits.  Many who had back or neck problems before taking classes see much improvement and are even cured!  Zumba can also help manage many different diseases according to “Is There Anything Zumba Cant Tackle - by Barney Calman”  “Research at Minot State University in North Dakota has indicated that classes not only have an effect on physical fitness, but also on cognitive (mental) function.  “There was another study done in which 35 participants all over the age of 65 took either a Zumba class or a Yoga class 30 minutes twice a week.  After 6 weeks, they were given a series of tests and all of them showed considerable improvement.  Zumba with its repetitive movements also can help prevent memory loss, and it can even help to slow down Parkinson‘s disease.  Rhythmic rocking back and forth and shifting weight from foot to foot was found to help the most.  Some people have gotten rid of their diabetes partly due to their taking regular Zumba classes and having a healthy diet.  But what is Zumba?  Well Zumba is a Latin-dance inspired workout that features salsa, merengue, hip-hop, cumbia, mambo, flamenco, cha cha cha, reggaeton, soca, samba, and tango music.  Songs by many popular singers are featured such as Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, as well as some not so well know artists.  Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, and martial arts.  Zumba instructors add their own personal touches to the routines to make everything a little more interesting.  Zumba Fitness instructors are trained to explain with their bodies and with hand motions which steps to follow.  Zumba provides a workout for your entire body, and it is very good for heart health.  Zumba fitness mainly focuses on the hips, abs, thighs, and butt.  Even if you are just learning the dance steps, you will probably wake up the next morning with some very sore muscles.  Zumba is a great way to tone your body  “You engage a ton of muscles, often unaware that you are incorporating traditional fitness moves like squats and lunges into your choreography.” (“12  Health  Benefits  of  Zumba.”  n.d.)  Essentially it is fun which makes you come back which in turn makes you loose weight.  “Why have a workout when you can have a party!?”  That is the Zumba Logo!  Just what are some of the benefits of attending a Zumba class?  What makes a Zumba Fitness workout better than any other workout?  Well what is really cool about Zumba Fitness is that the dance moves can be modified to match a participants level of fitness, coordination, and ability.  Zumba classes are designed to allow people at any level of fitness to get a good workout while still having fun!  Taking these classes can also improve your coordination.  Zumba gives you greater confidence in yourself because the dance moves can lower inhabitations and can also improve your posture which will give you even more confidence.  According to a study done by Zumba instructor and education specialist Kass Martin the average number of calories burned in an hour of Zumba class is 817 compare that to the average amount of calories burnt bike riding for an hour which is 520.  Some people even burn over 1000 calories during an hour of Zumba  class.  Dance those calories away!  Zumba is also a great way to relieve your body of stress; it puts the body into a sort of endorphin-release zone “It really does improve your mood!  The music is so infectious  and its just so much fun!” Says Kass Martin (“12  Health Benefits of Zumba.“  n.d.).  Many people agree that the time spent in class goes by fast; the reason for that is that it does not feel like a workout, for many it is a fun way to use up some energy making an hour go by like minutes because you feel like you are in a night club, not an exercise class.  Almost wherever you go you can find a class to attend, even in India!  All you have to do is log on to the website (www.zumba.com), and you can find classes near you by typing in your zip code.  Even if you live in an area where there are not any classes close to you, you can buy a Zumba class video on DVD or you could purchase one of the multiple Zumba Fitness video games they have for gaming systems such as wii and Xbox.  There are different kinds of classes to choose from besides traditional Zumba as well, some of them include Zumba Step, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Gold,  Zumba Gold Toning, Zumba Kids,  Zumba Kids Jr., Zumbini, and Zumba in the circuit!  Zumba Toning involves using light weight, maraca like toning sticks while performing traditional Zumba dance moves.  Aqua Zumba is done in a  pool, combining the Zumba philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness.  Zumba Sentao uses a chair with many of the moves to help strengthen your core and sculpt your muscles.  Zumba Gold is a class designed specifically for older adults who wish to be more active.  Zumba Kids is for children ages 7-11 and Zumba Kids Jr. is for children ages 4-6 these classes are all about teaching kids to be fearless on the dance floor, just be themselves, and have fun.  Zumbini is for parents, and their toddlers ages 0-3, this class is a very good bonding experience and great for the child’s development.  Zumba classes are a great place to hangout with friends old or new!  Lots of people attend Zumba class with some of their friends.  If they choose to go alone, they soon find themselves making friends with many people in the class.  From my personal experience, I have learned that Zumba is a great opportunity to hangout with friends and workout at the same time.  In fact, people love doing Zumba with their friends so much that many are now hosting Zumba Fitness party’s in their houses or at community centers.  Don’t know if you can handle a Zumba class?  “You don’t need any dance experience!”  says Christie “Love” Etter a Zumba instructor in Wildwood, Florida  “Just move your body and follow my lead, Its easy!”  When attending a class you get to wear really cute colorful outfits that are also comfortable so that you can move properly while dancing.  Loose comfortable tank tops, yoga pants, and capris are good clothes to wear.  But this is a Zumba class, so you have to give your outfit the Zumba touch by wearing super colorful and fun clothes, workout in style!  Also make sure to wear some colorful and comfortable sneakers.  You can buy all kinds of cute workout gear on the Zumba website.  In conclusion, Zumba is a great way to start making some new changes in your life.  It is a good way to start reaching some of your fitness goals and have a healthier happier life.  You can party yourself into shape.  Zumba style!

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