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Day 6 of Intense Fitness - Zumba and CXWORX

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Today I did Zumba and CXWORX. Zumba wasn't as great as the last time. For sure it was a tough workout, but it wasn't as invigorating and fun as the last time. We had a different instructor, who is a little bit older, and whilst she is extremely fit, it was just less fun for me.
I did CXWORX the last time I did Zumba, but i just realized that even though i mentioned it in my post title, i didn't discuss my experience at all.
Well, after my experience with it this evening...i will discuss it here.
What is CXWORX?
It an high intensity, 30 minutes fitness workout, which aims to strengthen and tone the body. Its ideal for tightening your tummy and butt, whilst developing functional strength in you upper and lower body.
If you ever desire to try this workout, expect to do abs, lunges, squats...along with a bunch of other exercises which i really don't know the names of....
And there is no break, you have approximately 10 seconds to switch from one workout to the next. So if you push yourself, your heart rate will consistently be an average 8/10. This means will will burn a lot of calories.
In 30 minutes i was glad it was over!!
Tomorrow is another day in my fitness journey. I am not sure what classes i will attend, but as always I will let you know.

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