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And so it has begun... welcome to CXWORX

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Finally arrived to the UK and was launched in my VA in the newly open VA Aldersgate (very nice indeed). I did it after doing Combat and then Pump so I was a bit tired, but CX is exactly what we Body Pumpers were missing. It is basically extension of ABS and core exercises with a rope (good for oblique muscles. A lot of core strength exercises plank related, Jesus I thought my ABS would die on track 2. Suprizingly though i didn't suffer any delayed soreness whatsoever.
So Let's check what I actually went through..
A typical class looks like this:
Track 1  – Warm up – Connects you with your core muscles and teaches you how to engage these muscles. Basically you lay down on your back.  I found it suprizing ABS for warm up!! WOW!!
Track 2 – Core strength 1 – Increases the challenge on your lower and upper abs, and begins activating your muscular slings. This is all about lower abdominals and planks,  Look out for hovers, and leg lowers, and abdominal.
Track 3 – Standing strength 1 – Trains your glutes, abs and sling muscles in standing, and improves your awareness of how these muscles function in daily activities. You can expect longes with twists, squats with arms above head.
This is a powerful track to powerful music. All about glutes, and power integration between legs and upper body, so think wood-chops, lunges with twists, and squats with arms above head. All about lifting heart rate and using entire body as one functional powerful unit. The way its designed to be used.
Track 4 – Standing Strength 2 – This is about hip stabilization and strength. More singalong music and more isolated track. So once this track starts your thinking phew! This is easier than the last….but wait, the burn kicks into the hips and the glutes, and then you are thinking, wow! This is good! Think stabilization for dyanimic moves, one leg squats, bridges, single leg lifts. 
Track 5- Core strength 2 - Trains your obliques in three patterns of movement – laying twists, side hovers and mountain climbers in a plank position. This is “superset” core training.  
Track 6- Core strength 3 – Last track Brings your focus to the back muscles to improve trunk extension.
For the question 'how often' LesMills replies: Best to take a rest day between classes to give your body time to recover, but you can also tack CX30™/CXWORX™ on the end of other LES MILLS™ programs or before a cardio class.
I promise you if you do it 3x a week after Pump you have six pack in 3 months. I am gonna test it! Pity we have it only Mondays and Tuesdays and I am not even in the UK every 2nd week, but I can surely do some exercises at home, as luckily you don't need any special equipment like for Pump . Will report changes .  

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