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Fast and Challenging workout session for core strengthening and balance improvement.
Sign me up!
I've been waiting and waiting for this class to be offered at my gym. And I'm not alone. 
The studio was filled with over 40 men and women eager to learn a new program.
Ever heard of that ? me either. 
I've taken many a "total core" and "awesome abs" classes. 
But I'm really liking the style of CXWORX. 
Here's the breakdown....
Anyone can do it. 
As with most fitness group classes,
 instructors always give modification options to each exercise.
I encourage you to try this class, starting at your own level and watch for some huge transformation. 
CLASS = 30 minutes
warm up - 5 minutes
core strength 1 - 5 minutes
standing strength 1 - 5 minutes
standing strength 2 - 5 minutes
core strength 2 - 5 minutes
core strength 3 - 5 minutes
What does all of that mean? 
Get ready to do everything but the standard sit-up and/or crunch. This class is much more advanced in the sense that Les Mills designed specific workouts to target all regions of the abdominal wall that are much more fun than the standard sit-up, he's combined other moves that target the glutes and lower back muscles, again, much more fun than the reverse sit-up or glute squeezes.
In CXWORX most of your exercises are done with a resistant band. Of course you can opt out of using one but with the different weight options you will find the right one for your level and find comfort in using it.
The resistant band is your friend in this class. 
Each 5 minutes is dedicated to specific muscle groups. The music changes every 5 minutes. Each song is a perfect match to each workout set. The tempo is set around ~165-185 BPM. 
The music and the exercises change every 3 months! 
AND guess who was in my class....
the girl from my step class, the one who worried why she hadn't lost a pound in 3 months...see here as to what my advice was to her.....

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